The Next Step


If you're reading this, you might be wondering what this all means.  If we truly believed these themes were true, how might it change our lives?  How might it change the world?


Imagine a world where the weak and humble are uplifted, love is about grace and sacrifice, and people see and value our hearts over our appearance.  Sounds like a great world to live in, doesn't it?


Jesus called this the "kingdom of God," and we can work toward this vision.  But he also taught that we cannot achieve this world by ourselves.  We need the eyes, heart, and strength of God to do so -- and the good news is that God is willing to give us all of that and more!  


The key to God's kingdom is not a set of rules, but a person -- Jesus Christ.  As we start a relationship with Jesus and get to know him, He promises to always be with us, and to expand our eyes and heart to see what He sees, and care about what He cares about. 


God's greatest gift is not that we would just know his heart.  It's that he gives us his heart -- so we have the wisdom, power, and resilience to thrive amidst the harshest experiences that this world can throw at us, and in the darkest moments of our lives.


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