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The Justice Team engages students by helping them to understand how to respond to injustices in their community and world in a Christ-like way. We equip students with a fuller understanding of Biblical justice, expose them to anti-slavery/human trafficking work in the US and abroad, and provide opportunities to be involved in the work of justice as a student and beyond. Our interns and staff collaborate together on campus and through our national team office to develop sustainable student movements, resources, and summer missions.



Our headquarters office in Boulder, CO is our team’s space for making the big picture a reality. With our ministry needs ever growing, we are always creating new positions to maximize our capacity. We highly value interns who bring diversity of talents, backgrounds, majors, and experiences. Whether you studied astrophysics or elementary education, we believe in and value the skills and abilities you bring to our team. We currently have interns who write content, run administration and logistics, coach on-campus interns, and curate our portrait exhibit.


Our campus interns serve on teams all across the US, pioneering movements of students passionate about pursuing biblical justice. In sharing the gospel, discipleship, leading bible studies, and far beyond, our interns become experts of training and teaching God’s heart for justice with others in new and exciting ways. We encourage our interns to be creative with the ways they engage with students and staff, allowing them the freedom needed to address a changing campus.



Our partnerships were created to collaborate with and encourage organizations laboring against human trafficking in Nepal, Phillipines, Cambodia, and all around the world. We work with IJM (International Justice Mission), AIM (Agape International Mission), Tiny Hands, and 10ThousandWindows. These organizations each bring specialized training and expertise to their work, allowing our team to further educate students and give them a chance to serve our partner organizations first-hand.



To apply, click “Apply for U.S. Internship”. Under the “Ministry Interests” tab, click “National Campus Office” under the drop down for “Which region’s ministry opportunity you are interested in”. For preference 1, choose “Justice Team”.

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