An Introduction


The world can be a harsh place, where the strongest dominate and injustice seems to prevail... and those who are louder and more attractive are praised and promoted.  But God turned that all around when Jesus Christ said some of the most revolutionary, counter-cultural things ever.  Jesus taught that...


The weakest people in our eyes were actually the strongest in God's eyes.

We can embrace suffering, not avoid it. 

The quietest people often please God more than the loudest ones.

God isn't a detached observer, but is actively fighting abuse and corruption.

We should love and forgive even our enemies who don't deserve it.

Our image doesn't impress God, but he sees our inner motives and heart.

Peace only comes about as we address conflict, not when we avoid it.

The pinnacle of love isn't an emotional high, but sacrificing what's most important to us.


These teachings are captured in 8 themes that we explore more on this website.  How are these things possible?  Are they really true?  Start finding out and get to know the heart of God, who showed us a different kind of a world -- that we can live for today.





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